Engineering Design

Engineering services include conceptual design, basic design, front-end engineering design (FEED) and detailed engineering including technical supports for procurement works subject to contractual scope requirement.

TVC has organized an engineering division consisting of all disciplines from Process, Piping and Layout, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical, Fire Fighting and Fire Protection, Civil, Structure and Architecture, Mechanical and Machinery including HVAC engineering to undertake full engineering scope of the projects. This advantage allows us to perform integrated services to the clients with costs-saving and coordinate closely between design team and construction team, and to control overall cost of the project at highest effectiveness.

The engineering design steps will commence with the client’s objective and requirement analysis in every aspects before performing design works in full details. Each design engineer assigned in each department for the project is responsible for preparation of specifications and drawings and then follow up and update up to approval for construction. Various engineering software are equipped to support us in design calculations and engineering drawings including 3-D modelling for better visualization. Designs are carefully checked to ensure constructability, operability and safety using proven risk assessment tools such as HAZOP analysis.  Based on clients’ specifications, TVC will review planning by simulation of techno-economical aspects. Thus basic conditions such as process optimization, heat balance, material balance and operating policies are established and followed by layouts and detailed design of civil, equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation. From the designs, various drawings and specifications are made. As for safety, environmental conservation, and quality assurance and control, scrupulous checks are carried out independently by respective specialized departments of the engineering division.

The detailed engineering design, however, could not be completed without the feedback from various specialists who interface in the matrix network organization. Furthermore, it is sometimes required to have discussions with manufacturers, and if necessary, to change the design in accordance with the information from manufacturers, as well as from Licensors and subcontractors.

Since the execution of detailed design is a complex group effort, a project engineer has to grasp the overall process design, and control and manage the total system engineering which is a lubricating oil for a smoothly functioning project.

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